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Always Buy Condoms From a Trusted Source

November 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

Preventative Plus Dotted Condoms have been seized by the Food and Drug Branch (FDB) stating that the condoms did not meet the standards when put through the rigorous laboratory testing that qualifies a condom to be suitable for sale to the public. The fake condoms that were imported by Orackie Enterprise, located in Kumasi, Ghana have no manufacturer’s name or information on the packaging. The only information provided was that they were produced in China.

The FDB is advising that the public stay away from Preventative Plus Dotted Condoms as they are not appropriate condoms for preventing the spreading of Sexually Transmitted Diseases andHIVAids.  They are asking further of the general public to please report to the closest FDB office if they see any sale of these fake condoms in Pharmacies, drug stores, or retail outlets to them so they can make the store aware of the situation. They are also asking that any retail stores who have these Preventative Plus Dotted for sale to please cease all sales of the fake condoms and return them to the nearest FDB office or back to the distributor that they received them from.


Glad we were able to provide just another safe sex tip brought to you by the Condom Man.

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Teens Having Safer Sex These Days

October 14th, 2011 · No Comments

A survey lead by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that spanned between 2006 and 2010 found that most teens, an amazing 8 in every 10, who are having sex for the first time are now more likely to use a condom then teens in 2002. The material was gathered from 4,600 teens from all over the United States. Awareness of wide spread Sexually Transmitted Diseases is much higher now and there is a great deal more access to information on the steps to take for prevention and protection that this could have been a major factor for the amazing 9% jump since 2002.

Along with this information they found that age factors into the survey as well. It seems that the age of female teenagers who are having sex for the first time has increased up to 15-17 years of age, and the percentage of all teens in that age rage that are having sex has decreased 10% since 1988. Since the age of sexually active teenagers has increased that might also play a roll in the fact that more teens are using condoms as they are older and smarter about their decisions.

Another find from this survey is that the number of teen pregnancies had dwindled down to about half of the number from 1991. The only statistic that did not increase from the last survey conducted is the percentage of teens that use condoms regularly, not just the first time. Jennifer Manlove a senior research scientist with the non-profit research organization Child Trends says that even though these numbers have increased for the better in the last few years “there’s still room to improve. “ Providing constant education and information for teens on safe sex practices is crucial to keeping these numbers so promising.

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Middle school In New York City Starts New Sex Education Classes

September 1st, 2011 · No Comments

For the first time in almost two decades NYC has added a required Sex Education class for all middle students into its curriculum, which has started a heated debate on whether or not this is appropriate material for such a young group of students. NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott stated that they must be committed to educating the students on the risks of engaging in sexual behavior and making sure that they are made aware of this valuable information so that they know how to keep themselves safe before they decided to have sex.

Some of the topics in the new mandatory class will include the risk of unprotected sex and the appropriate age for sexual activity. One of the classes that are planned is the proper use for and how to use acondom.

The biggest critic of this new class is Ray Parascando, pastor of Crossroads Church he stated “There’s nothing wrong with learning about the human body, but when you start going into discourses on sexuality, I worry that we’re opening students up to other agendas.” However Walcott has made it known that parents will have the option to pull their students out of certain class topics, at their discretion. Walcott has also stated that most NCY students are engaging in sexual activities around the age of 13 and it is crucial that they are educated in how to property protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

Until this point the option of a Sex Education Class was up to the preference of the principle at each school however Walcott informed the principles that he feels it is their responsibility to make sure that the students have access to this information to help keep them healthy. Family Research Council senior fellow Peter Sprigg said “I think there’s a lot of virtue in allowing the local principals to make decisions based on the needs of their students,”and that it might be more affective to teach the students to abstain from sexual activity if they want to be healthy.

However Walcott sees this advancement of education as something that has been long overdue in the NYC community.

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